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Popup Disclaimer

By booking this service, you, the customer, agree to the following listed in this Disclaimer. For services based on estimated hours, ToolsToDo Handyman LLC makes no guarantee the project can be completed within the estimated time. If the project is not completed within the estimated time, additional time for residential services is $68 per hour for the first handyman and $59 per hour for each additional handyman if needed, and for commercial services is $86 per hour for the first handyman, and $68 per hour for each additional handyman. If the project is completed in less time, the price will be adjusted accordingly, however, there is a 2-hour minimum. Supply charge may be added if additional supplies are needed and supplies are excluded unless specifically included. Height fee may be applied for heights over 10 feet. Trip Fee may be added based on service location. Services and packages are for one technician unless otherwise specified. Same day service appointment not guaranteed. Payment due the same day as service. VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Paypal have accepted methods of payment.